How many times have you heard, "It's confidence that makes a woman sexy"? Now you can enjoy this unique fitness dance class with a burlesque twist! Classes are designed not only to get you in great shape but also to unleash the sexy, confident and beautiful woman inside of you.

Using the methods of a trained dancer, you will be exposed to principles from ballet, jazz, latin and pilates. Get sexified by learning all the basic walks, struts, kicks and turns along with all the skills every woman should know with a feather boa!

Through learning the art of performance, you will empower and maybe even transform yourself. Every class leaves you with a mini routine that you can practice at home...or anywhere else if you dare!

Expect lots of gigglin' in this supportive, hilarious, and non-judgemental environment all while listening to great latin and contemporary music. Women of all ages, levels, shapes and sizes welcome!

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