Burlesquercise classes


Please note that all levels work with various props. What props are necessary will always be clarified when you are looking to register for a course and props can be purchased online. Most classes are 1.5 hrs long with a 45 minute exercise portion followed by a45 minute dance related component. Specialty performance classes only have a 15 minute warm up so more time is spent on getting the choreography and building your performance confidence. It is also important to note that approximately 25% of our students are plus size. Exercises can be modified to be fitness appropriate so please feel free to join our accepting and crazy-fun Sisterhood. Please email Miss di if you need additional guidance on the appropriate level for you. Miss di also reserves the right to inform you and recommend an alternative if she feels you registered in an in-appropriate class for your level. The descriptions below are a guideline and do not apply to all participants.

Ladies of ALL shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome.

All classes are 18+  

Introductory (Level 1 or Beginner)

Level 1 refers to someone who is a beginner and has no or very little dance experience. It is not uncommon for participants to repeat this course 2-3 times until they feel comfortable and confident with the basic skills. Ladies that have some experience are still advised to start with Level 1 to ensure they are introduced to the important dance components, theatre skills and the philosophy of Burlesquercise that will be carried throughout the levels.

LEVEL 2 (Beginner / Intermediate)

Level 2 refers to someone who has a grasp of the basic skills and is not finding the Level 1 class challenging anymore. Most dancers are in this level from 6-24 months. Class time is spent introducing more of a variety skills like spinning, turning, footwork, timing and musicality along with an introduction to various dance genres. These skills are important as they are the building blocks for learning more fun choreography. Various theatre exercises will be presented so you can learn to strut your stuff from the inside out!

LEVEL 3 (Intermediate)

A level 3 dancer is someone that has 2-3 years of dance experience and is confident and competent in fundamental dance & theatre skills. These babes are looking for a challenge however they do not want to be bombarded with remembering lots of choreography from week to week.  It is not uncommon to stay in this level for couple of years. Some ladies even stay in this level in-definitely.  Optional performance opportunities usually start at this level at various Galas, events and festivals around town. 

LEVEL 4 (Intermediate / Advanced)

A level 4 dancer is someone with 3-5 years experience and is up for any challenge. Instructors push your comfort zone with more difficult skills, choreography and more challenging dance genres. Whether you want to try traditional old school Burlesque, Broadway or Latin inspired material you are now living the life of a Diva. By now you would have worked with most props and have shared the spotlight on stage a few times. 

LEVEL 5 (Advanced)

Level 5 refers to a dancer that usually has 5 or more years of experience and is not limited physically with any injuries. Instructors have free reign to all their creative ideas and you are along for the ride. Expect any prop and the choreography could be perhaps high intensity or the opposite with  some sultry floor work. Registration for Level 5 classes are by Miss Di's permission only. Please email info@burlesquercise.ca for a class  request.


Burlesque 101 (level 1)

A great way to get introduced to the world of the empowered woman. This 4 week mini crash course will begin to develop your core strength and coordination with principles used from Jazz, Ballet, Latin and Pilates.  Learn all the basic walks, struts, and kicks as well as some important "boa basics" to get you well on your way to being a diva! Instructors will also start the introduction to improving your body and mental confidence through a few easy selected theatre exercises. Heels are recommended for a portion of the class.

Yoga mat & feather boa required.

Introduction to Burlesquercise (level 1)

Tone up and get fit with this unique 6-8 week fitness dance class with a burlesque twist! Develop your core strength  and coordination with principles used from Jazz, Ballet, Latin and Pilates and gain body awareness through some basic dance exercises and drills. Learn all the basic walks, struts, kicks and turns as well as the all important "boa basics" to get you well on your way to being a diva! Go home with a mini-routine that will leave you both gigglin' and feeling HOT HOT HOT!!  Heels are required for some portions of the class. 

Yoga mat and feather boa required.


Now that you are well on your way to being Sexified, it's time to get a little more naughty! Warm up will include basic body toning and isolations, flashdance cardio and Pilates by combining the use of a chair and your body weight. Each week we will choose a new piece of music and teach a short section of choreography...sometimes naughty and sometimes nice. Expect some great fitness results as well as discovering a side to yourself you didn't know you had! 

Yoga mat & feather boa required.

Speciality Performance Classes

These courses are choreographed routines  that are performed at various Galas, Events and Festivals. Usually 8 weeks long, class warm up is limited to 15 minutes with the focus being choreography and performance confidence. Performance classes come in all levels and are a great way to play with different dance genres and characters as well as a chance to wear various costumes and play with a variety of props. We recommend that you try this at least once so you can cross it off your bucket list!

SHOWGIRL Drills & Skills (Suitable for levels 2-3)

As all great dancers know, "you are only as good as your basic step". This class is designed to get you out of choreography and just focused on specific skills that make up choreography. Taught like a jazz class, participants will do drills across the room designed to improve your confidence,posture, grace and execution of basic skills. 

Topics include: walking, strutting, jazz runs, kicking, various turns and spinning and combinations of triple steps and rhythm changes. Heels will be used for a portion of this class.


Join Miss Kim every Tuesday at 6pm!

If you volunteer for this army you are guaranteed not only a great time but also great results! Body sculpting, core strengthening and cardiovascular endurance will be Miss Kim's focus as she whoops your a**  into shape through her creative dance and fitness combinations. This suffering is suitable for all fitness levels and will no doubt leave you sore but laughing. A great to take care of heart in more ways than one!

Please bring a yoga mat,  fitness shoes, towel and a water bottle.

Drop in's welcome. $22 cash directly to the instructor.

Miss di's Ballet for Babes (suitable for all levels)

Start your weekend with a smile and join Miss di every Saturday at 9am!

 Do what dancers do — get fit from the inside out! This low impact, slow and focused study is guaranteed to increase not only your core strength but also your posture, poise and balance.  This 60 minute intensive will will include a small pilates section, exercises at the barre and an adagio dance portion using the basic components of ballet. Every week Miss di will share some classical choreography designed to help you discover the more graceful and feminine side of yourself. Expect improvements in your core strength, overall muscle toning and a new awareness of the power in softness, grace and poise.

Please bring a yoga mat. Ballet slippers recommended (socks accepted). Tight fitting clothing preferred.

A great option for babes with knee or back issues.

Drop In's Welcome. $22 cash directly to instructor.

Additional Information: Bring a yoga mat and a pair of ballet slippers or socks. Tight fit clothing preferred. 

Miss Leslie's Introduction to Sass (suitable for Levels 2 & 3)

Join the hilarious Miss Leslie every Saturday at 1pm!

Time to get funky, groovy, rolling,  bamming and slamming...Let Miss Leslie teach you the basics of FUNKIFIED dancing featuring the fabulous artists of the MTV generation...Live your back up dancer fantasy as you strut to artists like Beyonce, Janet,  Prince, Michael Jackson and many more...a great way to improve your dancing and put more tools in your tool kit.

Please note this is a skills concept class so it is not uncommon to be in a class like this for 6-12 months. Miss Leslie will mix principles from Hip Hop, Jazz and Burlesque.

 Bring your heels!

Drop In's Welcome. $22 Cash directly to instructor.