Free Yourself

Tone up & get fit with this unique fitness dance class with a burlesque twist!

Taz can’t get enough of burlesque

The testimonials keep pouring in and Taz is no different, having sadly missed the gala, she claims she is addicted and will continue her sexification process in 2012...

Dear Di,
Thank you for being such an amazing instructress! I love that you started the classes by sharing your personal story and letting us see you vulnerable and uncomfortable side. It made it easy to relate to you and inspired me.

Since starting the class, I've seen my abs tone up, inches lost around my waistline, better posture and breathing a little more pep in my step. I feel a little more sexy after each class and can't wait to actually perform in June!

I wish I could be there next Saturday! I'll be there in spirit for sure! We had a great time at Good Earth today, getting to know one another better. Most of us are planning to take your next class-it's addicting! Many of my friends want to join too-I've been talking about it on my FB and Twitter pages.

Thank you once again so much. You are a beautiful spirit and one sexy vixen!!!




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