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Tone up & get fit with this unique fitness dance class with a burlesque twist!

Sizzled her way to Calgary

Meet Justine. New to Calgary and a great new asset to the Burlesquercise team. This sexy cat joined Sizzle a few weeks into the course and performed at the gala! Way to go. Read her thoughts!

As a spectator, The 3rd Annual Christmas Gala, "A Tribute to Hollywood" was classy,sassy and an all around good time. The evening was filled with different aspects of Burlesque; lavish props, comedy, and great dance performances. The energy was as high as the kicks!!

As performers, we were proud as we marched out in front of friends and strangers, to demonstrate that we are 'ALL THAT'; to express, to perform, to be ourselves, and to love every minute of it, that's what this Gala was for. Not just a form of entertainment but a form of release and a feeling of freedom.

Thank you Burlesquercise for giving me the opportunity to show Calgary what I am made of.
100% sexy woman!!
Justine Morley


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