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Tone up & get fit with this unique fitness dance class with a burlesque twist!

Monica Loves Burlesquercise

What would I do without Burlesquercise Canada??

Well my life would be a tremendous bore without it, that is for sure.

I found Burlesquercise through a male dance instructor who was trying to teach me how to do rumba walks. At the first hint of me being even close to sexy I shut down and burst out laughing. So he suggested I take Di’s Burlesquercise classes and he introduced me to her. I was hooked at the first class. Di, a beautiful, talented, smart and gracious woman, was so down to earth, funny, accepting and encouraging. She related to us on our level. Chipping away at my fear of my own sexuality.

BUT that didn’t mean I was ready to PERFORM in a burlesque routine. No, no, no. I saw a video clip of some previous gala’s and the performers seemed to get very close to the audience. My stomach immediately turned into knots. I broke out in a sweat as I watched the video. There was no way I could do that. There was no way I could dance in a sensual, sexy way that close to an audience member, and God forbid if the audience member was a man!!! After a couple of days, I realized that precisely because I had so much fear, I had to do it. I had to participate in the gala. I had to ignore my issues with my weight, buy a corset, and perform with my fellow vixens. Of course I strategically picked the back corner!! LOL. Ha ha ha.

I’ve learned that Burlesquercise for me is so much more than being sexy in a corset. I mean that’s the fun part of it. The, icing on the cake, if you will. The most valuable gift I have received from doing Burlesquercise, is the women I have met. Of all ages, backgrounds and dance levels. They’re ALL beautiful women. I have made some wonderful friendships. The women of Burlesquercise are unlike women I have met in other genres of dance. These ladies lift each other up, speak to the greatness in each other and never let each other fail. The ladies of Burlesquercise offer encouragement and support for everything, from getting up the courage to perform in public in a corset to bringing healthy snacks and making encouraging signs to put in the back for all the other performers. Where else in this world do women experience this?

At this point I would have to say that the dancers and students of Burlesquercise are a reflection of the leaders. Diana, Annick and Kim. They set the tone in the classes and for the performances. They are pivotal in providing support and guidance as we dance our way through this journey. Thank You does not even come close to expressing how grateful I am for the experience I have had with Burlesquercise Canada. My self esteem is rising, my health is getting better and my dancing in other genres is getting better because of what I do with you.

Here’s to another happy and successful 2012 as we all dance along our own Yellow Brick Roads. And who says the Wizard has to be a man??

**Imagine sexy zoning here**

Love to all of the ladies of Burlesquercise.

Monica Bryan



You are beautiful Monica and always a pleasure to teach..class would NEVER be the same without that contagious laugh of yours!

Posted by Diva Di  on  2012-01-16  at  06:15 PM

Monica, babe
you are so right
us woman we ARE supportive and each and every class I take
new babes, but same support....I love dancing with you gal
glad we hooked up for a few routines this year...keep dancing...
I love your vibe! xoxo

Posted by donna...dancing fool  on  2012-01-22  at  07:50 PM

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Posted by vf  on  2012-03-19  at  02:24 AM

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