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Tone up & get fit with this unique fitness dance class with a burlesque twist!

Diane Lives and Breathes Burlesque

Living with Passion!! This is Diane's motto. Read her amazing testimonial of perseverance and strength...

Dancing is an activity that until recently, I only watched from afar. I have Cystic Fibrosis, which is an inherited, fatal lung disease. When I was born the average life expectancy for someone with CF was four years old and I was diagnosed when I was two. Living with Cystic Fibrosis has always restricted my lung capacity. Eight years ago, I received the gift of a double lung transplant, but it is only in the last few years that I have been healthy enough to try dancing! To find Burlesquercise was a gift in itself, but to have Diana Lefebvre as the woman behind the movement is the reason woman flock to this fun form of exercise, dance and self-discovery. Diana and her instructors, are encouraging, friendly, and make us all feel beautiful both on the inside and outside.

As a complication of my CF, I am also an insulin-dependent Diabetic. Battling these two chronic illnesses has shown me the amazing potential of the human spirit and how important it is to truly appreciate everyone and everything around us. I have always pursued my creative side, but when I was forced to become dependent on an oxygen tank & a feeding tube as my lifelines, I realized I could sit, paint and breathe at the same time! At this point, I was put on the lung transplant list and in 2003 I received a double lung transplant! My journey from deaths’ door to a new life, all occurred all in an eight-hour surgery, a three-month hospital stay & an ongoing, arduous recovery process.

Through all of my medical interruptions, I have continued to explore the world of artistic expression through painting. Painting helps me to project the passion I strive for in life, onto a canvas and to always see the joy & opportunities in our world. I am inspired to paint because I believe that life can be viewed with more optimism if you live with passion. Living passionately also translates into being present and aware in our daily thoughts, tasks and interactions with people. This is not a new idea in society, but one must consciously work at it to truly incorporate this simple idea into your life.

Diana Lefebvre embraces this philosophy by reaching out to all kinds of women through her “Burlesquercise” classes. She helps her students engage in physical fitness, while gaining confidence in them-selves by learning to celebrate the natural sexuality in all women. The women, taking these classes, come in all shapes with different backgrounds and life experiences. This has inspired me to paint a Burlesque series called “The woman in me” to try and express the emotions, the sexuality, the colors and of course the Boas onto the canvas! Diana has given me another opportunity by allowing me to have a booth at the Gala to showcase this series. Check it out!

I have so much fun in the classes, that I can’t stop smiling. I have worked very hard at getting strong and healthy and now to add a level of confident sexuality on top is the “icing on the cake!” I have been in Burlesque for only a year and this time I have decided to take the last step in the confidence challenge and dance in the Gala! No matter what my feet might do in the routines, MY LUNGS ARE DANCING!

Thank you Diana for this opportunity and for allowing woman to

“Sing and dance like no one is watching!”

Diane Kinahan


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