Wonder Woman Wednesday: Miss Laverne

Every Wednesday Burlesquercise features one of our fabulous clients and her Wonder Woman Story! Check out our weekly client testimonial and feature video!

Miss Laverne

What drew you to Burlesquercise?

What drew me to Burlesquercise was the movie Burlesque. I wanted to dance like those women. I had skated in Ice Capades at age 19 and danced in University, and I missed performing and the costumes.  

What benefits have you experienced from being a part of Burlesquercise?

Dance is my escape. It's exercise, brain challenging, fun and above all has kept me feeling young. Each year is a gift and keeping fit and mobile is necessary! Motion is lotion and  dance keeps the brain healthy.

I love the challenge of learning a new dance each course I take and I force myself to get way out of my comfort zone. 

How long have you been doing Burlesquercise?

6 yearsI registered for a level 1 class and I was on my way! Now I am in Level 5!

What is your age?


What would you say to someone who is considering taking a class?

I tell people to take a chance on these classes. You never know until you try! Nobody judges and it's truly a Sisterhood of dancing maniacs that love what they do! The teachers are fantastic, supportive and so much fun!