Wonder Woman Wednesday: MISS DEBORAH

Miss Deborah

1) What drew you to Burlesquercise?

I did a free class and loved it, it was fun, sexy and made me feel good.. However it wasn’t until a few years later that I signed up for a level one class.

2) How long have you been taking classes?

3 to 4 years

3) What facets of the classes do you enjoy most?

I love the dancing and the relaxed and supportive atmosphere. All the instructors are so patient, kind and fun. I also love the sisterhood and support that all the participants give each other.

4) What benefits have you received since starting Burlesquercise?

I feel more confident in myself, my body and my ability to dance.

5) Do you have any experiences or comments as to why classes have changed your life for the positive?

Classes have helped me connect and express my sexy side and have also helped me become more flexible!

6) What would you tell people who are hesitant to try Burlesquercise?

Try it! It’s one of the best things you could ever do for yourself!

7) If you are a veteran what keeps you coming back?

I love to dance, I love the instructors and my dance sisters.

8) How do you feel about yourself since starting classes?

More confident in who I am. I have had body image issues for most of my life and burlesquercise has taught me that I am beautiful and sexy, and that confidence is hot!

9) What is your age?

I am 50