Testimonial: Miss Triston

It has been three years since I fortuitously stumbled upon Burlesquercise, and the impact this company has had on me ever since has been remarkable.  

One wintery evening I had approached a woman in my local grocery store who was carrying a yoga mat, and hoping to discover an unknown yoga studio nearby, I inquired where she was coming from.  No yoga - but what she told me turned out to be so much better!  She raved about these ‘Burlesque-inspired’ dance classes - which was something I had never considered, nor had even known was out there!   Dance class was something I had loved as a child, but it had been well over 25 years since I had been to any type of class.    I was beyond excited to try something new, immediately registered for an intro course, bought my first ever boa and soon became hooked.  

The Burlesque element was completely new to me, and admittedly, completely out of my comfort zone.  However, being in such a safe and open environment, it actually became something I grew to enjoy.   The exercise portion of class was some of the most challenging (and fun!) workouts I had done in a while, and the dance component brought back the love of dancing I had long forgotten about since childhood.  In hindsight, I realize that at the time I was definitely going through a low period in my life, and these classes gave me back the spark I didn’t even know I was missing.   I was re-introduced to movement, and how good it felt to express myself physically in so many new ways, little by little improving, and becoming more connected to my body and how it can move.  Burlesquercise has also helped me improve nagging back pain from previous injury, and become more strong and fit overall.

My confidence continues to grow,  motivating me to keep trying as much as possible, so I am always thrilled with the many different offerings Miss Di and her fabulous team magically create for us.  Every few weeks, different dance styles to learn, props to use, and opportunities to perform, all while having so much fun moving, learning and giggling with the other many amazing women, that have become friends.  Burlesquercise offers constant variety, and something for everyone, no matter experience, age, skill or taste.  The level of talent, vision, dedication and creativity of Miss Di and her team, Miss Kim, Miss Leslie and Miss Annick are incredible.   They are fantastically gifted teachers & choreographers, and are an exceptionally hilarious bunch. Their combined experience and knowledge of so many styles of dance is astounding and I have had the privilege to be introduced to more techniques than I ever thought possible. 

The opportunity to perform is certainly exciting, as well as the great variety of workshops and other events to keep things fresh.  What grown woman doesn’t like to play dress-up with her girlfriends!!??  Thanks to Burlesquercise, my closet is now bursting with feathers, sparkly costumes, fishnets, bustiers and all other things glam, that were well beyond my previous imagination!  Such a fun and welcome escape from the ordinary!   All fantasy aside, it is truly the class time that I enjoy more than anything, because of the camaraderie and many laughs shared with teachers and students each week.

Burlesquercise is not only a great work-out that has improved my life physically, but has also brought me much more confidence, energy, and passion that has affected many areas of my life, including a connection to a tribe of fun women that I continue to learn from and grow with.  Every course that I register for feels like a gift I am giving to myself.

I am definitely a Burly-Girl for life, and am so blessed to be part of this wonderful community of women, to which I credit living in this life with a whole lot more joy, and hopefully, a little more grace.

Much love and gratitude,
Triston xo