Testimonial: Miss Jeannie

I started my journey 6 years ago when I found an ad for Burlesquercise on Facebook.  I was at that point in my life I decided that I needed something just for me.  My desire to do this was met with some negativity but I'm of the mind when someone tells me I can't do something, I become determined to do it.  My first class was with Di at the Vecova.  I went by myself, not really afraid to try new things but when we started to learn how to zone I was thankful she turned off the lights and we faced outside of the circle.  I was self conscious beyond words.  I didn't really like my body and the thought of exploring it was just a crazy idea.

To make a long story short, I stuck with it and now I perform on stage, front and centre, loving the spot light and always hopeful there will be zoning included in the choreography. 

Burlesquercise, not just the exercise and dance component, has changed my outlook on life because of the Sisterhood it has become.  I love my fellow dancers, they inspire me everyday, they have taught me to be bold and to be unafraid of whatever life throws at me.
I've come a long way baby and have developed a love for my body and all the things it can do.  I've really changed my life, going back to University, earning a degree and working full time in a profession I love and I owe my success in part to Burlesquercise, Miss Di, Miss Kim, Miss Leslie and Miss Annick AND my fellow Burlesquercise babes for pushing me to try different things, giving me the opportunity to grow and learn and for trusting my ability even on the days I couldn't pull it together.  On a final note…even though my husband may have not wanted me to join at first, he now reaps the rewards of my success and has become an amazing Burlesquercise husband, always there encouraging me, carrying my props and costumes or helping figure out my costumes and our marriage is stronger now than it has ever been.

Thank you again Miss Di for always believing xo