Testimonial: Miss Annie

In my early thirties, I found myself on a medical leave from work taking prescription for both anxiety and depression. I struggled with the balance of being a mother of two young kids and being a great spouse. Slowly I started to lose myself. Everyone was a priority ahead of myself.

I always loved dancing but doubted I could be part of a dance troupe. I was particularly afraid of what others thought of me and being judged. It was at this moment I discovered Burlesquercise. At first I was very timid, but quickly felt at ease with the dynamic instructors and the welcoming students with whom I could share my life experiences. In the last 5 years, I have learned to laugh again, accept myself as I am and I am proud to say I have conquered my anxiety. I am no longer taking any medication! I always patiently look forward to the next class or workshop. I feel like myself again. I feel liberated!

Thank you to the team!