Miss Natalie

I was taking a group class at a dance studio around 7 years ago and I saw this lady walk across the room with a top hat and a cane. I wondered what kind of dance she was doing that she needed such interesting props. It was then that I learned about Burlesquercise. A few years later I finally decided that it was time to sign up. I signed up because I loved dancing, I needed to be dancing and most of the time dancing was the only place I knew who I was. 

When I first started I was weary of all the "we love each other" stuff, it just seemed unusual and I wasn't sure if I could trust it. I left for a year, but when I came back, I decided that it was up to me to make it fun and it was up to me to make myself part of the group and not be afraid to let people in. I am so glad I decided to come back. 

I consider myself a pretty normal girl, there is nothing special about me, I don't have an amazing story, I am just a regular human. This crazy group of women make me feel like a super human and like I am capable of doing so much. I feel like I have found the perfect place to be myself because Burlesquercise has helped me realize that I am allowed to be me. I am a free human and I can't be anything but me and Burlesquercise encourages everyone and accepts everyone.

Through Burlesquercise my life has truly changed. I have found many people I consider my best and closest friends. A group of women I can say anything to and they will never judge me. I have had so many wonderful performance opportunities over the years which I am so grateful for and I will forever be trying to return the favour. I have started Latin dancing, which I love. I basically get to play Dancing With The Stars every week (a show I am obsessed with). My teacher Anthony is the best teacher I could have possibly asked for. 

I appreciate my teachers so much. Di, Kim, Annick and Leslie bring so much to each lesson. Not only do they teach us how to dance and perform but how to be women too. This helps me be the right kind of person I want to be. These people are my home and I want every woman to feel this accepted and free.