Miss Donna

Dance is quite possibly one of the few times in my life that has allowed me to live in the present moment. Even before walking through the door to a dance practice I feel the energy of the room reaching out to me. I am greeted with chatter, laughs, and excitement, all provided by babes of various ages, sizes and abilities. Finally, it is all hugs and catching up on the week. Somewhere in those first few moments of dance class my troubles are left at the door. No matter how I feel when I walk in I ALWAYS feel better when I walk out.

Dance has allowed me to 'get in touch' with my feminine side, and to tell you the truth I wasn't sure I had a feminine side!  Within the safe, supportive environment of a Burlesquercise class or workshop I am able say... HEY look at ME, that's right I made you look, I am a woman and I LIKE it !  Get used to it as I am not apologizing for being a woman.

As someone who has spent their entire youth hiding at the back of the class andmost of adulthood desperately flying under the radar, dancing in front of a crowd was an epic moment in my life. Was it scary....YES ! Did the instructors prepare me...YES ! Did I love it....YES!  Will I Do it again...YES!

Even though dance has allowed me to be in the moment it has also provided me the opportunity to explore different personas. A paradox I know, being in the moment but being someone else as well. Why not? I have learned about women through the decades, their challenges in life and on the dance floor, as well as hair, makeup, clothing, and music, not to mention the attitude that accompanies each dance. YA that is fun... attitude !

Through dance I have been a Barefoot Gypsy, a Wood Nymph, Pin Up Girl and Gatsby Girl. Just this year

I was a Hollywood Diva wrapped in a feather boa, a Steam Punk Sheriff, and a member of a flash mob. Now I am learning to dance on a cloud, A.K.A. the Fox Trot, along with an amazing group of women preparing for the "Ginger Girls" performance this fall.

My life is certainly more magical since I joined the sisterhood of Burlesquercise. I have forged strong lifelong friendships and met some interesting characters on and off the dance floor. If you are waiting for the right moment to try this, the moment is NOW.  Step into the spotlight, Burlesquercise is waiting to applaud you!