Miss Aubrey

So, I was introduced to Burlesquercise by my friend Lorinda. I went to watch her dance with her beginner Burlesquercise class at their Circus Gala in 2012. I loved it!!! Miss di was so charismatic and looked amazing (she even gave some of us a taste of Burlesquercise in a mini class), the teachers were fabulous, including in their dances (hot!), and the students blew me away with their talent, courage and poise! I was so proud of Lorinda as this was completely out of her comfort zone and she was amazing! 

I signed up for the "Intro to Burlesque" class in early 2013, joined by my friends, Shannon and Dawna, and it was so much fun! Miss Leslie is a fantastic teacher and as awkward as it was at first, it got easier to step out of our comfort zones. Unfortunately, we (Shannon, Dawna & I) missed what would have been our first performance, but it was for a good reason: Justin & I got married! :-) After the 2013 "year of three floods" (in total for me and Justin), I took my next class with Miss Annick (another amazing teacher), and my first performance was Level 2/3 "Daisy Duke" ("These boots were made for walking"...Jessica Simpson version) at the Zoo's Stampede breakfast in 2014. Since then, I've done cha-cha, east & west coast swing, the can can, jive (all with another incredible teacher, Miss Kim!), hip-hop, and a flash mob!, all with the amazingly talented, beautiful and sexy classmates and teachers that I've had the pleasure of getting to know and continue to grow with (zoning all the way...ha ha ha ;-)). I love to dance, and I love to get dressed up and play different characters. Burlesquercise gives me the best of both worlds. Miss di has created an incredible place where we can be ourselves, and in some cases, the self within us that just needs an excuse to get out and have fun (Thank you so much, Miss di!!!). Through the challenging choreography, laughing with my "burly" sisters, and dancing until our we're (I'm) sore all over, I can honestly say this is one of the best things I've ever done in my life. I love every minute of it and I'm hooked! (It also helps that I have the best husband who is so supportive, and says that there is no downside to his wife doing Burlesquercise...except all the feathers that get everywhere.) :-)

I hope you never discount the things you love by taking them for granted. You may forget how talented you are and how much you have to give (including and especially to yourself), so make some time to remind yourself and give in to your passions. As I go through the past 2+ years of my Burlesquercise journey, I'm so thankful to have had these opportunities to push myself to grow more as a dancer, performer and person. There's so much to be said when you surround yourself with people who love you, support you, and bring joy into your life. Thank you to my husband, Justin, for all your love, support, energy, laughter, and so much more; to Lorinda for introducing me to Burlesquercise; and to Miss di for bringing the magic of dance and a sisterhood like no other, to so many of the incredible people I'm blessed to know and look forward to continuing this journey!