Testimonial: Miss Anita

When you have chronic pain, it's all you think about.  For me has been many years of neck pain.  I tried numerous treatments through different practitioners desperate for positive results.  I was also aware that I had terrible posture, and it was upsetting to see photos of myself caught spontaneously.  My shoulders were rounded and my chin protruding.      Just to make matters worse, I was doing no physical activity.  In late 2011, I saw Burlesquercise at a trade show so I signed up for the email updates.  In Jan 2012 I took my first class.  I'd never taken dance lesson but I love to dance.  Since my first class, I have consistently taken classes year round.  So here I am three years later and my pain level has gone down significantly.  There only one other possible explanation and that is Burlesquercise.  Di has taught me a great deal about proper alignment and posture.  Thanks to her, I finally feel like I know the right position and I can correct myself throughout the day.  Thanks to Leslie, Kim and Annick I've learned numerous exercises, and they have motivated to do so much more while I'm a home.  I stretch, do floor exercises and practice routines.  It's like our world opens up when we reduce our pain level.  I have so many other wonderful things to say about how my involvement in Burlesquercise has enriched my life but the improvement to my physical well-being has had a major impact on me and my family.  Thank you for letting me share my story, and I hope that we see some new ladies encouraged to try a class and see what changes lay ahead as a result.

Testimonial: Miss Gwen

There are moments in your life when you make a spontaneous choice that changes your life. Almost 5 years ago, I had one of those moments. I decided to take a 6-week course in Burlesquercise, just because I was told I didn’t have what it takes.

It was a little terrifying and intimidating stepping into my first Burlesquercise class. Most women are more comfortable doing things in packs. You know… have a friend or two to give some support, maybe wear matching T’s? I went all by myself, and that is something I had never done. I’m a pack person. And the things Miss Annick made us do! Hip and ribcage isolations? Zoning? You want me to do what??

Those were the days. Now I will gladly zone, even in public! I have learned so much, and grown so much. Not only in dance, but also in life. I have learned to be comfortable with my own company, and in my own skin. I have learned to believe that I can do it! Burlesquercise is so much more than just a dance company. It is a group of amazing, supportive women who will rally around to lend support, a shoulder to cry on. Who will celebrate with you, and cry with you. And even share their booze with you.

These wonderful women have seen me through a divorce, two breakups, and a marriage. They have laughed with me, cried with me, and seen me at my best and worst. And have never, ever judged me.

Yes, I had that spontaneous moment, and I am so glad that I did!

Thank you, Burlesquercise for showing me that I matter and I am worthy, and not be afraid of being ME!

Thanks, Di. You are my inspiration.